Foot Controls

Foot controls offer solutions for a wide variety of mobility applications.  There are many types of foot controls to meet your mobility needs. Whether you need acceleration for your left foot or car pedal extenders to bring the pedals closer to the driver we have a solution to meet your needs.

Mechanical Left Foot Accelerator

The mechanical left foot accelerator allows you to use your left foot to accelerate, while the built-in pedal guard protects the factory accelerator from accidental use. Our mechanical left foot accelerator is installed using our quick release base – making it easy to remove for other drivers.

Electronic Left Foot Accelerator

The Electronic Left Foot Accelerator now requires the trained driver to activate the left pedal prior to each use to ensure that untrained drivers do not get access to the mobility device.

A push button switch is required to turn the system on and transfer function to the left accelerator pedal after the vehicle has been started. When done so, only the left pedal is functional and the (right) OEM pedal is non- operational.

The system always defaults to the right side accelerator pedal after the vehicles ignition has been turned off.

There is no need to remove the device.

We use only OEM proven circuits and OEM accelerator pedals to ensure the highest quality and reliability of the entire system.


Pedal Extensions

The Veigel Pedal Extensions can reduce the distance to the pedal from 2″ – 8″. Utilizing the same quick release system as the Veigel Pedal Guard, our pedal extensions can be removed in seconds without the use of tools. Extensions can be used for accelerator, brake and clutch.


Heel Shelf

The heel shelf is designed to complement the use of  our pedal extensions.

We offer three different heights, providing drivers a platform for resting their feet while driving with pedal extensions. When access to the factory pedals is needed, each heel shelf comes with a quick release base for easy removal in seconds.