Dual Controls

Since 1925 - the original dual control inventor

The Veigel Dual Control has been standard for driver education vehicles for almost 100 years. Perfect adaptation, easy installation, trouble-free operation and easy dismantling - these characteristics have led to the market leadership by Veigel in dual controls. For decades, the leading car manufacturers have relied on the outstanding quality of our products. From Alfa to Volkswagen, they install our dual controls in almost all factory programs. We offer ready-to-use dual controls for most common vehicle types. Drivers also appreciate features such as the detachable and adjustable pedals. Veigel dual controls are manufactured according to the strictest requirements of the automotive industry. We only use the best in spring steel. Only certified welders are allowed to weld the necessary connections. Through our ISO9001 / 14001 and TS16949 certification is a complete traceability down to the raw material. All these efforts are designed to ensure a long-lasting and trouble free operation of our dual control.    

Veigel Dual Control

  • Original dual control inventor
  • Almost 100 years of experience
  • Best suited for driving schools, rural letter carriers, and driver rehabilitation
  • Rod operated dual controls for passenger cars, SUV’s or mini-vans
  • Installation without major technical modifications to the vehicle
  • Each dual control is made for a specific vehicle
  • Pedals can be removed in seconds without any tools
  • Smooth operation
  • Installation without major technical modifications to the vehicle
  • No maintenance
  • Traceless removal – important for resale/leasing
  • TS certification
  • OEM quality


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