Hand Controls

Our hand controls look as good as they perform, with styled designs, finished surfaces and sleek lines to compliment your vehicle's interior. They are adaptable to most cars, trucks and vans. They are also designed to ensure family members and friends can operate the vehicle with ease. These controls have been designed and tested to exceed all industry standards ensuring safe and reliable driving.

Veigel Classic II


The Veigel right hand controls are considered the premier hand control for reasons of quality, ease of use and appearance in the vehicle.  The Classic II is the most popular and easiest to drive of these premium hand controls.  The unique accelerator motion allows the driver to adjust the seat close to the hand control without affecting operation. This control is thin and the profile is contoured to maximize the range of seat position. The Veigel Classic II control is also the leading choice for our race car enthusiast customers.

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Veigel Compact II


The second offering in the line of Veigel right hand controls is the Compact II.  The Compact II provides a slim design to fit better in today’s newer, more compact vehicles. The unique push pull motion prevents simultaneous use of the gas and brake. The second pivot point for acceleration allows for more range of seat positioning when compared to traditional right hand push pull hand controls.

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Veigel Basic


The Veigel Basic is a price conscious alternative to the Veigel Compact II.  The design is based upon the original Compact version and does not utilize an additional pivot point for acceleration.  This simple yet reliable design makes for safe, comfortable driving.   The Basic comes standard with a synthetic leather cover to help integrate the hand control with the vehicle interior as well as a comfortable soft grip knob.  The Basic soft grip can also be easily changed to any of our steering devices allowing you to match the control to your level of strength and dexterity.

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Detroit Electronic Hand Controls

The Veigel Detroit Electronic hand control sets the standard for maximum leg room, safety and style. Braking remains mechanical, but acceleration is now fully electronic. These hand controls are available in Push Pull, Push Right Angle and Push Rock configurations.

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MPD Push Rock

The MPD Push Rock hand control is a favorite by many for its ease of use and comfortable operation. The unique rocking motion allows full range braking and acceleration with minimal hand travel while keeping the hand in a natural position. Also features a removable handle for safety and ease of ingress and egress into the vehicle.

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MPD Push Right Angle

For decades, the MPD Push Right Angle hand control has been the choice of most drivers. This time-tested design offers simple operation and a clean install – the two main reasons for the popularity of this hand controls over the years.

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MPD Push Pull

The MPD Push Pull hand control is unique for its separate motion for acceleration and brake. This means the accelerator and brake cannot be used simultaneously, making it a safer choice for older drivers and persons with cognitive disabilities that may become confused in emergency situations.


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MPD Push Pull Quad Floor Mount

The MPD Push Pull Quad hand control is a great alternative to expensive high-tech driving systems. Due to the separate motion for the accelerator and brake functions, it is a safer choice for persons with cognitive disabilities that may become confused in emergency situations. Great choice of older drivers as well.

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